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Belaga to get clear water soon — Liwan
Tarikh: 11 Jul 2013

SIBU: The brownish tap water in Belaga will be a thing of the past in a few days’ time as arrangement is underway to supply diesel to power the generator which runs the new water treatment plant.


Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang said yesterday this was not a technical problem, pointing out that reverting temporarily to the old plant that had not been used for nearly a month had caused the water in the taps to be brownish.

Liwan, who is Assistant Minister of Culture and Heritage, urged residents there not to be unduly worried as the water is safe for consumption.


“I have contacted the divisional engineer for Kapit and was told the new water treatment plant had in fact started commissioning. But, it is not connected to Sesco’s grid lines as their (Sesco) old generator set in Belaga could not generate the volume of power needed.


“So, they are using their own generator to power the plant but recently, the contractor, who was supposed to supply the diesel could not supply the quantity needed, compelling the use of the old plant to ensure no disruption to water supply.


“Of course, the water is murky or brownish since the old plant has not been used for nearly a month since the commissioning of the new water treatment plant,” he told The Borneo Post.


He was responding to news report that residents in Belaga had complained of the unsatisfactory quality of water supplied to the town.


A resident, Neo Kek Seng, claimed that the water appeared brownish and was worried whether it was safe for consumption.


To this, Liwan said: “Hopefully, according to the divisional engineer, they can rectify the diesel supply contract within two to three days, enabling them to revert to the use of the new water treatment plant.


“I am getting them to furnish me the name of the tenderer who supplies the diesel to make the necessary arrangements to supply diesel needed to power the generator to run the new plant.”


Towards this end, he hoped Sesco would upgrade their generator in Belaga and if possible hasten the grid connection from Bakun or Similajau.

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